The gangs all here:  How about a group hug, show a little love.

The 2016 Presidential Candidates  and former Candidates don’t need to be beat up each other, their doing quite the job of bashing themselves and committing political suicide.

Hillary’s puffs are not gaffes, she really doesn’t acknowledge 4 people died in Benghazi……..she said we didn’t lose anyone in Libya.   Coal miners losing their jobs………not important to Hillary.  She can’t blame Trump for this, its all Hillary.

Kasich, basically said “depending on whether I win Ohio or not will determine if I go after Trump or not.   If I win oh yeah……If I lose, not so much'”     No wishy washy stuff from the Governor!

Bernie, ……… about a clown… goofiness everyday.

Rubio, he is lost, might as well have said…. “This arena is to difficult, no one is playing fair; I’d rather run for Governor.”   Politics is a dirty game isn’t it Marco?

Cruz………  Like a little white rat….

Trump………  seems immune.


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