The majority of Americans do not trust career politicians, Democrats and Republicans.  That is an extreme understatement.  We voted Republicans into a majority of both Houses, we didn’t like being lied to, given false promises, and just simply let down.   Republicans promised they were listening to us and would act accordingly.   Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are part of the elite elected.   Rubio can’t show up and Cruz can’t get along with anyone.   They have essentially been elected official political failures.   Liars!

Why is it then when Trump calls them out as LIARS, an opinion many Americans share, Mr. Trump is a goon, a nut job?  The Establishment doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to…….they can’t have a tell it like it is candidate disturb their business as usual policy.  That is why Trump is winning the polls and the primaries; he understands where we stand……even if he uses a loud and obnoxious voice, comes across eccentric; he at least gets it.

I don’t trust the Rubian Establishment choice; nor the wolf in sheeps clothing Cruz for one moment.   I guess that’s an endorsement; then so be it.

Hillary is corrupt, as corrupt as it gets, she belongs in prison.  Bernie……….a socialist.  Won’t go there!



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