Good evening ladies and gentlemen; welcome to CNN’s Republican Presidential debate.   Tonight’s main topic of discussion, ridicule and gang bang politics will be Donald Trump.   All questions ask of the candidates will be centered around something the Donald has said, believed to have said, wished he had said, and if not, we’ll just say he said it.

CNN certainly got the circus it was hoping for, good entertainment and verbal sparing.   CNN helped bait, almost conspire with Cruz and Rubio to slam Trump from left and right.  They know Trump won’t ball into a fetal position or melt away, they hoped to embarrass and push him to blow a gasket.  I don’t think Trump can be embarrassed and he didn’t blow, he did punch back, in typical Trump fashion.

Cruz and Rubio made comments that we didn’t need a President that would make deals.  Really?  It seemed from my perspective, watching Trump take it from both sides, as if, Cruz and Rubio made a deal to simultaneously taken on the Donald.  They didn’t spend much time attacking one another, they were too busy with Trump.   Trump got his allotted response time, so things went back and forth.   Kasich and Carson sacrificed time.  It is unfair that not all the candidates got equal time; but I guess CNN only wanted the main event; the 2 on 1 bash-fest.  The Republican Establishment is doing its best to get Trump to disappear.  They could use Cruz, anti-Estab himself, but tonight he’ll be glad to side with us, with our choice Rubio.

Something else I noticed, and this might be an indication why our representatives don’t govern like we expect, don’t fulfill promises; Trump explained three or four times why he has not yet turned over his tax returns (won’t get into that now), but Cruz and I believe Rubio kept asking him for the returns.  See folks, the two Senators don’t listen!

On Trump’s explanation he won’t give up his tax returns until an audit has been completed.  He said he has been audited for the past 12 years every year.   You see Trump will listen to his lawyers, he is also a smarter businessman.   Why would you make public your taxes in the middle of an audit.   What if there was something, you didn’t know about, couldn’t immediately explain………but could following an audit.  The audit covers it.

Trump, if he didn’t win the debate; in the very least proved he is a smarter businessman than Mitt Romney!

Romney was the Establishment’s shooter, what can we get to put Trump on the defensive?   Tax returns?   We don’t have to be right……… just throw out an insinuation.   Something to speculate, something rumors get started from; what better than taxes.  Look what it did to me!   Trump was ready and handled it well, and it was logical; what a great businessman might do.

4 thoughts on “THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST DONALD TRUMP: sure there is!”

  1. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are two Hispanics that should not be accepted in a well stratified society in America. If both of them had been Americans, this scene never could occur. They are like mad savages. God forbid and protect America from this type of people.


  2. You’ve nailed the main difference between CNN’s style of moderating the GOP debate and the Democrats’ debate. With the GOP, it’s how to poke, prod, and get these guys to argue. With the Democrats, it’s more like a game show that nobody wins. In the end, I’m just glad CNN isn’t going to be deciding this election!


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