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The establishment campaign drop outs on the Republican side and past election losers are pimping up their support for Rubio.    Rubio has become the establishment choice for POTUS.   It will be business as usual, that is the definition of establishment politics, business as usual.   Funny though, early on, Rubio was told “it’s not your turn”.   Bush was the establishment choice, that didn’t work out as they hoped.   Rubio has moved up the establishment ladder.   He’ll get mentored now, more so than ever by the Establishment’s “power that be, that is”.   It is already in progress, Trump and Cruz have targets on their backs.   The American people have little to do with determining who will be elected.

Trump will need to start spending money, lots of money if he is serious and has any chance of being the Republican nominee.   The political fix is on!


  1. The reason the “establishment” decided to switch from Bush to Rubio had nothing to do with Bush OR Rubio. It had to do with We The People. We (at least Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina) said We didn’t want Bush. And if we don’t want Trump, or Rubio, or Cruz, we’ll say the same thing!


  2. The establishment has found what they did not expect, Trump winning and thus Rubio will become their tool. Trump needs delegates and if it were me I would continue the assaults on Obama because the nation is suffering as he tells us how great things are.


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