You know what we are talking about here; yes its Hillary’s email thingy!  We said it wouldn’t go away.   The longer the FBI, excuse me security review continues, the messier it gets.

“I am 100% certain”……….blah, blah, blah.   “It is just your standard security review”……blah, blah, blah.   (yeah 150 FBI agents involved in a review).   Must be true, Hillary Clinton said so!

Here is the kicker……..that she knows she just lied.   “Then they’ll have to investigate (probe) all the others, all the Republicans that hold office, for doing the same”……..blah, blah, blah.  Hillary, why would they do that, you said you were 100% certain nothing would come of it?

This is what is hilarious, “they’ll have to look at the Republicans…………”.    The investigation is circling Hillary and her closest assistants.  Obviously Hillary was much more reckless with her server usage.   She is only trying to throw the Republicans under the bus with her……..not Obama, not Kerry.   Hillary thinks this is simply a conspiracy instigated by the Republicans against her.   Maybe she is partly right, so what…….there was a smoking gun, and it lead to the hands of the former Secretary of State.   She is constantly involved in something dirty, corrupt, illegal and treasonous.   She is a cannon, with thick dark, smelly smoke still lingering.

Everything that comes from her mouth is a lie.


  1. You know the funny thing? None of the media is actually calling her on her original March 10, 2015 statement that she never had any classified information on her private email server. Of course, that was before she changed it to “at the time”, which we’ve since learned is also a lie. Great post!

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  2. She said she wants the emails published, available for the public to examine. Therefore, the issue is BS, just an inter-agency territorial pissing contest. Conspiracy theories do have a way of hanging around indefinitely, but it doesn’t mean they gain believability.


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