Prepare to Be Trumped

Nice job here, worthy of your time to read.

Can You Believe That Guy?!

I’ve fallen off my blog horse again, and to the people out there who read my blogs (all 7 of you, hardy-har-har), I apologize.

Despite San Diego being known for its sunny, warm, care free weather, the past four months in Southern California haven’t fit the mold. It’s rained countless times, set all sorts of precipitation records. It’s El Nino apparently. Whatcha gonna do?

It’s raining this morning, and I sat awake in bed listening to the pitter-patter of it against the roof, the windows, and lawn. I love rain because it’s refreshing. It mixes everything up and flushes everything off the streets, out of the gutter. Yeah it can be a nuisance and it catches idiots with bald tires off guard and causes a few accidents. But rain is like crack for my garden. The world just smells a little better after a good rain.

I was reading this…

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