Cruz vs. Trump: It’s Okay to Like BOTH!

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Some may agree with the following post, while others may not. Nevertheless, hear it is. For the past two weeks, the mainstream media and Progressive establishment of both parties have been distracting Republican voters while nudging us where they want us to go.

If successful, by the time this friction between Cruz and Trump dies down, they will have accomplished their mission.

From Glenn Beck to Mark Levin to the GOP hit men, all of whom have touting the GOP establishment’s talking points from day one; they are out in full force manipulating NUDGING, correction WORKING passionate voters like pawns on a chessboard. I am just saying that it is happening again.


Both Cruz and Trump are great candidates, there is no doubt. When you hear either of them speak you think finally, we have the brightest GOP presidential lineup we’ve had in almost a decade. Unfortunately we are…

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