When I wake up in the morning, I plant myself in front of this computer, log on to WordPress, check out many of the blogger’s new posts, especially those I follow, the first thing I see more often than not:  stories of Muslim refugees beating and raping women; time after time.   It doesn’t always state that it is a Muslim woman or a Christian, Buddist, atheist, black or white, purple, green or a space alien, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

The refugees aren’t helping their cause, whatever the hell that is and it may be that some are truly looking for a better life, but many of their own countrymen are not looking for peace and love; they only want to spread THEIR violent obsession.

If most, and I say this with much doubt, are peace loving good people, then why don’t the MOST stand-up and stop their minority religious violent counterparts?   Could it be, and I say this based on what I SEE, they all have the same goal, by the same end means, it is just the terrorists are their soldiers, their army and the pretentious peaceful Muslims let them carry out the means for all!  Pretentious, meaning most filter in with the rest of the world, while their brothers do the dirty work.

If this is the case, then Donald Trump is absolutely right.   Shut them down.

We have the Amish and Quakers in the U.S. that practice what they preach, you don’t see a large part, any part of their population taking part in terrorist activities in the name of their religion.  They would not allow it, would put an end to it.   I know you have Sunni Muslims fighting terrorist Sunni Muslims……but it isn’t enough.   Look at the millions posing as refugees…….millions can’t deal with the terror within their own country?   No, its easier to go to Europe or America and spread it around.

I want to be wrong, and God forgive me for thinking the way I am moving my thoughts towards if I am wrong, but it is what I see.    Does He want us to just turn our heads, knowing destruction and killing is to follow, possibly upon on our families?   Does God not want us to protect our families?

I have 3 young grandchildren and 2 in the oven, many of us do.  What are we doing to them?


5 thoughts on “ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT OF THE DAY: refugees and rape”

  1. Personally i don’t believe it is anything to do with it being religion, because i don’t believe Islam is a religion, it is an Ideology. They go to a new country, don’t really integrate by going places the local people do and chatting with them, they certainly don’t go to the pub and drink alcohol or anything else there, they say make demands for everything they want and kick up a fuss until they get it, they get offended at the slightest little thing if they don’t like it, they say Islam is a peaceful religion and fail to condemn anyone that does something to break the law, they claim to live by their religion and yet do many things that are apparently against it. Islam being an ideology is like a democracy in one way only, there are those who will be liberal in their views and those who are extremist in their views.


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