Ross Was Right – Benghazi Eye Witness

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The Elder Statesman

For months now, following the debunking of the Hillary/Benghazi social media meme (found HERE) I have been assaulted via text and comment by poorly educated social media junkies who claimed, over and over and over again, that my information on the death of Chris Stevens was wrong.  Over and over the faketriot chant was “He was raped and mutilated!”  None of the actual information supported that position but that didn’t prevent all of the loonies from trying to convince me via repetition.

Today we finally have confirmation that Ross Elder, that’s me, was right.  From the Blaze, Glenn Beck’s digital news outlet, comes an interview, conducted by Glenn Beck, with the men who were there and who examined Stevens’ body after it was recovered.  The article is linked below.  Here is one quote:

“It’s not true,” U.S. Benghazi security team member John “Tig” Tiegen quickly responded to Beck, who…

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