Mark Krikorian is the Executive Director of the Center of Immigration Studies.   On the Kelly Files (Fox News), Wednesday evening, Krikorian addressed the 2016 Obama plan to increase DEPORTATION.

Up until now, and its an I’ll believe it when I see it deportation plan, Obama has done nothing to return illegals or for that matter prevent additional illegals from crossing over.  I am skeptical, it sounds more like a bogus, phony plan.  That is more par for the course for the Obama administration.

Krikorian believes, and why wouldn’t he, that this plan is nothing but politics and the purpose for executing it now, if in fact it actually is executed, is to help Hillary win the Democrat’s nomination for president.  According to Krikorian, illegal immigrants are entering the United States in massive numbers.   To add to that, the number of illegals entering with children has doubled recently from a year ago.   Those coming across know that Obama will not deport them if they are in the company of children.  Hillary won’t deport ANY illegals.  NONE!   This won’t look good to voters during primaries, so inject a phony plan to increase deportation.   Krikorian believes the number of deportations within this plan will only amount to a couple of hundred.   Wow……..that’s a significant number!   Problem is, more than two hundred are entering illegally everyday.  Therefore the number of illegals entering our country will only continue to rise.  Hillary Clinton is okay with this.

Hillary Clinton has no intention of enforcing the laws on illegal immigration if elected POTUS!  That isn’t surprising coming from a law-breaker.  Hillary has no respect for the law, and sets her own rules, nothing else applies to her.   Hillary lines up with the policies of Obama.  Hillary isn’t Obama’s first choice to follow him into the White House, but he understands she is a certainty to win the nomination (unless she is jailed); he will do what he can to get another Dem elected, even if its Hillary.   They are after all both students of Saul Alinsky.   Birds of a feather!



  1. Another bogus plan to fool the American people and help Hillary. Does this make sense? Obama brings them in on planes, trains, and buses and now he plans to deport them. Makes Obama look like a deer in the head lights. Panic –
    What to do, what to do!


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