Army Corps monitors 19 levees in Missouri, Illinois, for winter flood threat

Federal officials were monitoring 19 vulnerable levees on the rising Mississippi River and its tributaries, warning that hundreds of homes in Illinois and Missouri could be threatened by a rare winter flood.

Source: Army Corps monitors 19 levees in Missouri, Illinois, for winter flood threat

A River Runs Through it!

Photo of a McDonald’s flooded by heavy rain:   I grew up in Union, was an alderman back when this McDonald’s was built and first opened.   It was a bit of a struggle just to get approval for this business to go in, due to the location, near the river and being in a flood plain.   What you don’t see because of all the water, there is a canal that surrounds this McD’s and it’s parking lot.  The canal was to ‘help’ prevent something like this from happening.  The Bourbeuse River is back just behind the tree line.  There is also a creek, Flat Creek that is nearby that meets the Bourbeuse, the creek runs behind the house I grew up in.

Nearby there is a Dicky Bub’s and Quick Trip next to some soccer fields.  Before the Dicky Bub’s it was a Wal-Mart, which relocated.   The lots next to the soccer fields were never supposed to flood, according to the Army Corp of Engineers.  This isn’t the first time.  In 1993 and years prior to that it flooded.   They don’t take into consideration it is called a 100 years flood plain for a reason.  Trouble is the 100 year distinction isn’t accurate either.   It seems it is more like a 10 year flood plain.  Oh the price of development.

I haven’t lived in Union for more than 17 years now, but I understand what they are dealing with, like many communities from the recent rain, storms and tornadoes.   Union will survive this, they always do, unfortunately they always play a waiting game with the weather.   Union lies in a valley, with the Bourbeuse running through it, and it’s creeks that feed into it.

My heart and prayers go out to Union, and other communities fighting Mother Nature.



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