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The Hillary Clinton campaign trail is about to be joined by former President Bill Clinton.   Slick Willie!

Hillary needs help with her campaign, she attracts small crowds, she is not as popular as the mainstream media relentlessly portrays her.  Bring in the charismatic popular husband despite  ever bit as corrupt, impeached Willie.   The media still forces their love for the ‘always another story around the corner’ character on the American people.

The democrats know that if Hillary is elected, Bill will have his ‘third term’, his influence will be rampant.   They should also know, the atmosphere of the White House will turn Wild again.   Affairs, sex parties, drugs, scandals and mass craziness will return, just as they left it.  The rapists team of Bill and Hillary will again walk the halls if Hillary is elected.   IF!     I do not escape the thought there is craziness and corruption in the White House today, but this article isn’t about Barack Obama.

Bill will not be allowed on stage and share the podium answering questions in any debates.   The Democrats and Hillary’s campaign team are hoping, praying Bill’s popularity are votes for the Hill.

If Bill overshadows Hillary, it will make Hillary look weaker, this could backfire.

We don’t need anyone named Bush or Clinton in the White House.

While the Clinton’s have not been held accountable for their scandals and corruption, the American public are aware.   We’ve had enough of bad news politicians.   The Clinton’s must be kept from the White House.   They seek the world’s highest office for their own power hunger and profit.  They could careless about the citizens of this nation.   Benghazi proved that.




  1. If they don’t already know it, there’s a HUGE difference between the Bill Clinton of the 1990’s and the doddering old man he’s become 25 years later. He’s fat, he’s old, he rambles and I really don’t think you’d use the word “sexy” any more with Bill than you would with Hillary (ugh!). Bring him on…I don’t think he matters any more!

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