Tis the holiday season, peace, giving and love is in the air.   Donald and Hillary are beginning to share a piece of each other’s mind.  If this were college football, there would be no doubt who would be the top two teams.

Hillary and Donald, yes he has earned first name recognition status, have a bit in common.   The more they talk, the more outrageous quotes are provided the waiting public.  There is a difference, Donald is more honest than he is not, sometimes he may just have it wrong.    Hillary on the other hand, tells more lies than truth, or so it certainly seems.   Regardless, the public doesn’t trust her because she has been deceitful and lied so much, we can’t believe ANYTHING she says.   Her words are really beginning to backfire.   People and even the media are fact checking as soon as the crap flows from her mouth.  ISIS is not using video of Trump to recruit.   The fact checkers discovered it is husband Bill that would be found in an ISIS video.

You can count on some dandy claims, false accusations, some I did this and I did that’ s going forward in the campaign.   Hillary lie machine is just getting started.

With Donald, we are probably getting a bit more than we have been wanting or ask for in a candidate.   He is a tell like it is, with disregard for political correctness (thank God there) and bold.   The problem many have with Donald is, he is a bit extreme as well.  If he would only tone it back a bit, but then it wouldn’t be Donald.   Which would we rather have?   Trump makes the candidates discuss issues and facts about certain subjects they’d otherwise avoid.   Even Hillary.

Here is the question on character in our candidates:   Who is TRUE to character?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.   With me, Trump wins that question, hands down.


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    No contest Trump is the man and if he is a little bit rough on some — well maybe they deserve it! Hillary on the other hand has told so many lies, half truths and falsehoods that the only surprise is that she knows her own name — they probably have to brief her each morning!


  2. There is no doubt that Trump is the more honest and trustworthy of the two. That isn’t in question at all. Shouldn’t the question be, “Who would you rather have answer the phone at 3am?” If that’s the case, I’m still leaning Trump’s way. We’ve seen what Hillary would do in a crisis… just look at Egypt, Libya, Benghazi. Do we need any more proof?

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    1. Could not agree with you more. Hillary would have her girl friend answer the phone at 3:00 AM, “Tell em’ I’m not here, and I don’t hear you, unavailable; just like she did with Steven’s emails and calls for help.
      I remember Reagan getting a 2:00 AM call from the Pentagon, or one of the high ranking military officers. They informed Prez Reagon, one of our Air Force jets was being shot at, should we return fire? Reagan made it pretty clear from that moment on, they better never wake him in the middle of the night with such a ridiculous question. He just wants a report by morning the threat no longer existed. He let them know they had his blessing to always return fire. With Reagan it was act now, we’ll talk about it later. He didn’t want anybody in our air space. I’ve seen stories where Russian Jets were flying in Alaska space and near the West coast shore. Obama does nothing. Reagan would have had them blown from the sky. Russian leaders never tempted him.

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