Gary Pinkel, the Missouri football coach made a statement on Twitter that the Mizzou family stands as one united with their student athletes.    Is that a statement that Pinkel is asking for the resignation or firing of the Mizzou system President Timothy Wolfe?   Is the winningest football coach in MIzzou history compromising his own position?

If Mizzou forfeits their game this weekend with BYU, Missouri will owe BYU a One million dollar payment according to their contract.  Players threatening not to play are under scholarship.   A football scholarship is a contract between the player and university, the player practices and plays games and represents the university, in exchange the student athlete gets an education……..he/she goes to class.   I understand some classes may be skipped as well now.   I also believe this racial issue exists on the campus and campuses throughout the nation.   I believe there is a better way to deal with the issue.   Protest, demonstrate, do it on game day in front of an entire nation.   You won’t get that audience by a forfeiture.

The board of curators meet today, in closed session to discuss personnel matters.   If Wolfe is fired……..the student protesters win their grievance/complaint.   Does this set up a repetitious way of handling similar problems in the future…….they’ll hold the U of Missouri hostage every time they have a complaint.   Who will be next?




  1. Thats the question who will be next? Without a doubt we will see who’s next in the near future now thy know they can get their way. Sad yo see college sports come to this


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