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Trey Gowdy knew from the start. He knew from the very moment he called for Hillary Clinton to testify before his committee she would do what?  Lie.  Trey Gowdy understands that Hillary is an habitual, pathological liar. She has most of her adult life.

Followers of the Hill, that worship her, are as I have written earlier today suffering from a condition called the Stockholm Syndrome.   The victim sympathizes with the abuser, in order to survive.

Trey got what he wanted, again, only under his committee, not the other seven.   He got Hillary to lie under oath.   Her testimony would never indict her, no ones does…..unless you out-right confess.  It takes evidence…… email records, contradicting the events. It takes text messages, like…….. It was a mob or riot caused by a video, the story she fed to the American people vs. a “It was a terrorist attack” (before the attacks were even over) text to Chelsea.  She told America it was because of a video but her daughter she said, “It was a terrorist attack”.   Did she lie to Chelsea? I doubt it.

Trey has her recorded.  If the evidence and her recorded answers don’t match……she could be toast and they don’t match, but she won’t burn.   Obama, won’t let Hillary burn, not as long as she doesn’t take him down with her.   He’ll stand by her side, despite the fact he hates her.   As long as Hillary doesn’t come out and pull Barack into the mix…….he’ll cover her.   The Obama DOJ will not convict, let alone indict Hillary Clinton; as long as Hillary doesn’t admit that she was following the direction of Obama,  ignoring the pleas for help from the Ambassador and that she went along with the  “it was because of the video” story.

Barack Obama is Numero Uno.   Hillary is number 2.   If you want to cut off the head, you go after number one.   Number two often becomes a scape goat, though Hillary is far from being a scape goat.   If Obama falls she would fall with him.   She is a full enchilada of her own.   It’s a standoff……..if Hillary  squeals on Barack, Barack goes, will maybe, we know she is a liar.  If Barack squeals on Hillary, Hillary goes.   But they are responsible for their own action.   Their action is selfish in the least.   The question is, who needs the other the most?

Obama, has the trump card (no pun intended).   He is the president and his word is better than hers?   Ummmm, I don’t know.

The point is, we all know Hillary has her own political aspirations.  She wants to be POTUS in the worse way.   There isn’t anything she would not do or say to take the oath of office.  What a joke, Hillary taking an oath.

The bottom line is, they should both be wearing orange prison clothing.

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