Barack Insane Obama’s 12 minute speech yesterday following the Oregon shooting had a harsher tone than we have heard.   His comments were filled with inaccurate statements.  He makes this stuff up as he goes, whatever fits his agenda.   Obama expects that whatever flows from his mouth, We the People should trust to be true.

He, using first person “I”,  I will do this, I will do that; failed to mention, that the increased rate of these mass shootings have come under HIS presidency.    Why is that Barack?


  1. So true, Arlin! As I watched his rambling diatribe, I thought to myself, you have no idea how to solve this problem, so your answer is more laws that were already broken. I have a blog on this one hitting at 10am your time this morning! Great thought of the day!


  2. I totally agree. We don’t know how the shooter got the gun. And Obama seems to not realize or chooses to ignore the fact that there are more gun laws today than ever and yet there are more mass shootings. Why? In my opinion, it’s our society. We have lost a sense of family, we idolize celebrities who act like animals and assault each other. Most shows today are shows that parents cannot watch with their children. Our schools teach that everyone is great. Everyone is smart. They have limited competition for fear of hurting people’s feelings who lose. We are not teaching our kids about real life. They will lose at something . Not everyone is going to like them. It’s just life. And if someone is being treated for mental health reasons, it’s top secret. Why? Everyone, including children, know when something is “off” and if that person is a potential danger to others, the police and schools should be notified. Finally, making places gun-free zones and advertising it is like welcoming a mass shooter. They know no one can stop him because only he, the criminal, will break the law and bring a gun on campus. Americans need to wake up. Guns are not the problem. Our society is.


    1. Thank you for your comments, I agree with everything you stated. If you haven’t you should post what you just said. If, not I would like quote you and posts, give you credit of course, upon your approval only? Let me know. Thank you,


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