What kind of deal has Boehner made behind closed doors, that he knows when it comes out would get his ass fried?  What has the Speaker of the House done, that he wants to hightail it out?

Boehner, and all those Republican promises that got them their majority presence in the House, has turned away from We the People in favor of “I Obama”.

Boehner, is nothing more than a great pretender, liar …………. like all others in the most  powerful seats in Washington.   Something has the Speaker running scared; why else would a Speaker of the House just suddenly out of nowhere announce retirement.   This is the cry baby that often made threats to junior reps to play it his way or they got left off of committees, would lose status.   The do as I say Speaker is feeling his own tactics from somewhere.

John Boehner loves his authority and place in Washington way too much to just suddenly give it all up.   “I just woke-up this morning and said to myself……Self this is it.”  Was Nancy Pelosi holding his hand while making this decision.   I don’t believe its to get more tee times reserved.

It looks like there is some kind of trade off for Mr. Boehner.    Its kind of like “I did my part, all I could, to give Obama everything he wanted without holding him accountable for any of it.  Now I’ll just say good-bye (while flipping the middle finger to America).”

Nothing, I mean nothing in Washington D.C. is as they try to make it appear.   That is the biggest truth about your government.



  1. I have no proof but I have been tied to a scandal regarding some underage boys This was told to me by a friend who works for the Department of corrections. True or not the truth always slips out.


    1. LOL, thank you for clearing that up! I had to read it a few times then I noticed your post restating it. I was like “Bash” what the hell do you mean? My first thought was there was some rumors about you that made its way to the Department of corrections. Then I thought, he didn’t mean to write that, that way.

      I can see Boehner connected with something like that……it wouldn’t surprise me.


      1. I rattle off posts fast and often do not proof read…I have learned my lesson. =) Yeah as far as Boehner goes Nothing would surprise me.


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