1947 Aliens Crashed Into NM

^ H/T Free Republic

Source: 1947 Aliens Crashed Into NM

Where is your sense of humor?   This is great!

6 thoughts on “1947 Aliens Crashed Into NM”

  1. It’s cute, I will give you that much.
    By a show of hands, how many people have handled incinerated corpses? Hmmm… I am the only one with hand raised. Skin, particularly when burne with accelerant, such as jet fuel, turns gray. Does not matter if white skin, red skin, brown skin, yellow skin, black skin, green (olive) skin, it is all, human skin. The mandible (lower jaw bone) loses moisture due to rapid dehydration and shrinks. Eye capilaries burst, and the entire eye turns purpl/black. Ears shrivle to nothing. Genitalia shrinks and gender cannot be determined. Ring finger and little finger lose moisture and shrink into one unit. Height lessens as moisture is dehydrated rapidly. The “ET” of Roswell, were American aviator test pilots that lost their lives in the name of National Defense R&D, all, brave military and civilian aviators, and the American People repaid a noble and loyal cadre of men, whose courage was immeasurable, by making a mockery of their deaths, while some mockers, profiteered personally, with the UFO/ET rubbish. I find absolutely nothing of mocking, to be humorous. In fact, most persons that think in depth, find nothing amusing.
    The graphic, happens to be cute.


      1. It goes on, Arlin. Flames aspirated, melts vocal cords and melts lung scilia, flooding the lungs with water. The vocal cord damage, per witness Brazo, will make the subject to emit sound similar to throat cancer victims. Nose shrinks. Hair completely melted. Aromatics of flesh incinerate is horrible. If visceral organs cook, pressures burst the torso open or throws the head back to open airway and smoke/steam and odor vent. Horrible. Absolutely, horrible.


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