Convert to Islam they say.   Learn to kill for Islam!   ISIS will recruit anyone they can manipulate to kill on their behalf, anyone, anywhere.  Come join us!   Help us eliminate the West!

They recruit plenty of non-Islamics who say they will convert……and use them.    There are enough wackos out there that are easy prey.   Recruits are too easy to find for ISIS.   Then they will use them just like the children.   The women they recruit, they will self destruct after they’ve been raped numerous time.   Islamic children will stay in the brotherhood, grow up with it, it’s their way of life.   ISIS’ are heroes to many.   But oh what to do with the Europeans, and Westerners.     They are not one of them!   But they are a weapon, until they are of no use……….then off with their heads as well.  They want to kill us all.    Why can’t these wackos see that?    I guess because they are wackos.


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    Moreover the next generation followed by the next generation of children of Islam are born and raised in this idealism fighting for a cause based on lies and deceit. It reminds me of the so called racial divide in this country. The Al Shrapnel’s, Jessie Jacksons, and the Charlie wrangles, just to name a few, spewing racism and how white people hate blacks. Do you think we have racial harmony as a result? The loons from these so called Civil Rights groups, looking out for the blacks in this country are no better, than the Terrorists of Islam, however there is a difference; Civil Rights leaders work the system both political power, and the press, mainly. Liberals embolden these people so they stay in power. Islamic Terrorists however take the Adolph Hitler approach, and attempt to wipe the people in the West off the earth. Frankly I don’t know which method is worse, kill us slowly, or kill us fast!

    We have our own silent war going on right here in the U.S., in my opinion, has become worse subsequent the Civil Rights act, not better. Btw I’m older than the civil rights act of 1964, thereby I have some value to add to this subject. But all and all America needs to learn from its’ mistakes, such as the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 for example, and shine that on this Islamic State of mind, make no mistake that these 3rd world country Islamist’s people; live eat and breathe hatred for the west. The moment we lose site of that thought, or shortly thereafter, they will cease that opportunity to finish what they have started.


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