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Donald Trump may not be the type of leader we should have or need; but he certainly is the type of candidate to wake some of us up from the slumber.   He has gotten more of the people into the discussion!  That may be his biggest contribution to our nation.

The established politicians of our time, do not want change, but want to keep us on the same course.   Nothing will change…….except for the change Obama brought, a wrong direction.   No one has gotten or shows any hope of putting us back on the right track.   What has your representative done lately?

Exactly!  Nothing, except deposit a salary check.  Do you feel the screws getting tighter?

We have kept Hillary Clinton in the picture………you or I would be in jail for the things she has done.    She is not a smoking gun, she is a dangerous fired cannon, reloading.   Can you say, BACKFIRE!

Dump Hillary, dump them all!


  1. You know…I think the thing to take away from all of this is that Hillary isn’t Bill, and Bill used black magic to get out of his troubles. Hillary, while a witch in the strictest sense of the word, can’t use magic. She’s floundering in her own mess. That alone should tell us she isn’t capable of handling the nation’s problems…hell, she can’t even handle her own!


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