I am not going to set here at my keyboard and defend the  Republican Party, Tea Party and certainly not the Dems.,   Sometimes it is very hard to tell them apart.   They are pretty chummy when they are all in the same room together; and it’s just them.

I read a bloggers’ post this morning that was rather humorous.    The author, I won’t mention, actually I have already forgotten, however, the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous the point of the post.   Beating up on the GOP, that everything that came from the mouth of a Republican was invented (paraphrasing here); especially when discussing Hillary Clinton and Obama.   The author referred to the ridicule as nothing more than making poor Hillary and Barack Obama scapegoats.    She was proud of the success of Obama and Hillary.   Really?  Name them!    Is the Iran Deal a success, I don’t think so!    What has Hillary done, except create scandal after scandal……….where bodies lie.

I would hardly call Obama and Hillary scapegoats.    Scapegoats are normally, somewhat innocent, may have a dirty little finger in the mess, but greatly overstated by their opponents.   Hillary and Obama are right in the middle of every scandal and corrupt act they have ever been accused.    Hillary and Obama are far from scapegoats and where there is smoke there is fire.  Both place themselves in the flaming pits all on their own.   No, they are the real thing, corrupt!    The Republicans don’t need to invent anything when it comes to Hillary R. Clinton and the POTUS.





  1. Liberals are very quick to point out that conservatives are always “making stuff up” about Obama and Hillary. When pressed on the subject, I always ask them, name me three things Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done as either secretary of state or president, that have advanced this country in a meaningful way…and if you say Obamacare or Iran deal, be prepared to back up your argument with the numbers, because I know them! That usually shuts them up.


  2. This reminded me of an anecdote.

    I was at an extended family get-together yesterday, primarily conservative Middle Easterners that escaped Afghanistan and immigrated here, all successful middle and upper middle class families now, and my wife said it was lucky I could not understand what they were saying. They were discussing the popularity of Trump, and that it just goes to show how racist while people are.

    This makes me angry. First, I am the only white guy at this get-together. So….what do they think I am?

    Second, white people make up almost 75% of the population, so how did a black man get elected President, TWICE, if not for a majority of non-racist white people voting for him? Are they couch potato racists? Are these racist white peoples convictions so weak that while being racist is important to them, it’s not so important as to get off the couch and vote against a black man becoming President? Twice. Even if that were true, if racists are lazy, then do we really have anything to worry about from them? The whole premise is absurd.

    Third, almost ALL of their daughters have married or are dating white Americans. How is that possible if America is so racist? Most of their sons have not married, but will probably wait until their late 40’s and simply setup an arranged marriage for a hot 21 year old back in Afghanistan, and doing that is not perceived as racist? Are white girls not good enough? If I lived in Afghanistan, dated and had sex with dozens of Afghan girls but ordered a white girl delivery from the U.S., wouldn’t that be perceived as racist by Afghanis, if not abusive against their culture – as if I “used” their women and tossed them aside like garage rags when I was done with them because only white women are good enough to marry?

    Fourth, these men and women escaped Afghanistan to come to America to escape the Soviet invasion in search of freedom and opportunity, and they were successful. Most of them came here with nothing, or very little, and made something of themselves and have successful children that add to the productive capacity and our economy and the fabric of America. If we are so racist, how would they have been able to do that? Would they not have encountered racist obstacles at every corner? Every white man they dealt with giving them a raw deal, refusing to hire them, refusing to provide services to them, stealing from them, reporting them, harassing them. Yet, none of that happened. They all own nice homes in California, live well, retire well, and have supportive families.

    I’m so sick of white male privilege. Every culture, every loser, every lazy unambitious a$$hole from coast to coast just blames every problem they have on white men, white society, Americans…whatever’s clever and convenient. Making such wild accusations in the face of such obvious falsehoods makes them racist, not me.


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