The mainstream media continues to do what they seem to only do best, making the news rather than reporting the news.  They’re great about reporting news they create!

Jorge Ramos was at  Trump news conference to create a scene, one that would get attention.   Ramos wanted to try to embarrass Trump… his immigration plan and further extend contempt among Latinos.   That is not what a reporter is to do, excuse me should do.   Ask the questions, but follow the rules, don’t interrupt.   Instead he interrupted, placed himself center stage, and directed statements, not questions.

“The views and opinions expressed in this program/and or commentary do  not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of this network/news station.”     BULL!   Yes it does more so than not, are it would not get aired.



  1. You can blame the 24 hour news channels for that one! And yes, it’s true. Because they have so much time to fill, and there are times (lots of them) when they don’t have 24 hours of “real” news, they need to do something…and creating news is what they have to do. They usually do it with polls…and then ask a bunch of pundits what they think about the polls. Special Report (which I love), on Fox News Channel is guilty of that. They give you 30 minutes of news, a feature story at the bottom of the hour and 24 minutes of a panel discussing the news!

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