Donald Trump

Interesting and probably very accurate point from this blog on power of a president, any president. “Take Obama for example. The fact there are still white people alive in the US is proof enough that his power is limited.”

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Unlike so many of my fellow Americans, I don’t follow politics much. I don’t care what the president, or congressmen, say – because they only say what they say for political gain. After they’re elected, they do whatever moneyed interests want them to do.

But Trump intrigues me. Why? Because he’s dares to speak the truth about immigration, because he’s not beholden to political correctness, and because the media hate him. For these reasons alone, I’ll vote for him if given the chance.

But I just looked over the Council of Conservative Citizens website, and it seems to me that a lot of pro-whites are putting way too much stock in Trump. You’d think he’s the Second Coming. We should vote for him – as a protest vote. But I really don’t think he’s a bona fide pro-white, or that he’ll dismantle the Cathedral. Even if he wanted to, there’s…

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump”

  1. Obama and the liberals in the news and entertainment media have “just about” made it a crime to be white. It’s not just politicians who play this card, look at how many white kids want to dress and act like black rappers.


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