Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs

Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs.

Adding to this:  It is very difficult for Small Business to start up, because of the cost of banking.   Many businesses need credit and letters of credit starting out; interests and commissions that the banks collect are enormous.   Many people with great business ideas can not afford the cost of banking…….. It is discouraging not encouraging for new start up business ideas.

Government regulations and banking costs…….. preventing growth.

4 thoughts on “Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs”

  1. In reality, I don’t blame the banks…it’s the shareholders. Corporations today are under incredible pressure to produce greater and greater returns to the shareholders. That’s where part of the problem lies. In the end, the company will do anything and everything to produce a profit to keep their jobs, and perks. In our society, we don’t tolerate losses well. It’s not the banks…it’s our mentality!


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