A few days ago, I was going to post a prediction, that Ferguson could not let the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown pass without some protest, vandalism and shootings.   I didn’t because I did not want it to happen, hoped it would not.   However, a day that  included marches and prayer held peacefully has ended in all of what I just mentioned, plus, vandalism, theft, assault and shootings.

Notice I did not say protest.   This is not demonstration, or protest for a cause.   This is a continuation of out right criminal action by idiots, hiding behind the idea of protest…..or standing up for a purpose.

Tonight, nearly 2 hours ago a crowd formed, got within inches of the faces of police officers there to protect the public, harassing, shouting and tossing bottles at them.   Then approximately 11:30 pm Central Time there were two separate shootings.   One incident had shots fired at an officer in his patrol car, the officer returned, repeat, RETURNED fire.    At this time, I do not know if there were any injuries.

The idiots of Ferguson, came out and showed their ugly heads.   It is unfortunate that the good people of Ferguson must put up with this crap once again.   They have no white officer to blame this time.  No white majority city council, it no longer exists, to point the finger at. Their police chief is black.   We see the same response.    A business was once again vandalized.

Ferguson doesn’t deserve the attention, the special treatment any longer.  It is time to toss all those involved in any criminal activity in the slammer.   Enough!





  1. Agreed! Enough is enough already!!! They have single-handedly been responsible for creating a cesspool environment, and I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.


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