Ted Cruz is 100% correct, the Republican House and Senate in Washington has done absolutely “NOTHING”.    The current field of candidates for president, calling themselves Republicans, don’t look much different.  What are they telling you, what are they discussing?   Nothing, except talk about Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is dominating discussion, not about issues but about Donald Trump.   THAT is playing into Donald Trump’s hands.   The Republican Party is making Donald Trump, not just a candidate, but, an ISSUE.  Now he becomes a question in every interview.   When a candidate is being interviewed and ask questions on issues………they comeback to the ISSUE of TRUMP.

Erick Erickson’s uninviting Trump from Erickson’s Redstate Gathering, did what?   Gave Trump more headlines, he became the focus, at least of the opening of Erickson’s party.   Later we find out that was a bit hypocritical of Erickson; seems he has done some politically “incorrect” name calling of his own.

Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, interviewed Trump this morning.   Let me rephrase that:  Todd was trying to force an apology from The Donald for the comments directed toward Megyn Kelly (you know, the “Blood coming from her eyes………etc. thing).   More headlines for Donald!  Now the news is Donald Trump won’t apologize.   They spent most of the program discussing how and what it would take to make Donald Trump go away from the presidential race.  All they did was confirm, the mainstream media pushing the outcome of American politics in a direction favorable to their agenda.

Alert!   While I have been writing this post, a news development just occurred; Chuck Todd actually interviewed (pre-recorded) Marco Rubio about a couple of actual issues without mentioning Donald Trump.   Is there hope?    Nope!   He went to Claire McCaskill and he could not avoid it.    You know, Claire the Hillary supporter.  Now there is an ethical source of political opinion for you.

You want Donald Trump to fade back into his penthouse, or to his golf courses?   Then, they must start talking about the issues confronting this nation.   And yes, some of those topics are issues being slapped around by Trump.   Stop making trump the issue.  I want to know what the presidential candidate is going to do in the future.   How is he or she going to get the Republican Party to uphold the promises made.   When does the status quo change?

Trump has received much of his attention/support as “The Protest Candidate”.    We have set and watched Congress set on their hands, doing nothing, giving Obama free reign.   The other candidates to be successful must discuss the issues.   Not just talk about the problem, but solutions, their solutions.

Only the candidates can get rid of Trump. Ted Cruz has an opportunity to take the Republican football and run.  Carly Fiorina belongs in the next Republican debate with the boys.   Carly, some advice, be the real different kind of Republican.   Tell us what you would do and how you would do it.   That would be refreshing.  It’ll go along way.   Don’t worry about political correctness or tone, but set Trump aside.    🙂



  1. That is exactly what they are doing…turning it into The Trump Show instead of talking about the issues. Again, it’s a diversion tactic because the last thing they want to do is talk about the issues. They saw an opportunity to deflect and they pounced on it… They will ride this pony as long as they can.


    1. It is my opinion that for all intents and purposes Trump is done. He will hang around for awhile, but as Megyn Kelly so aptly pointed out if he, Trump cannot get by her how does he get by Putin? So trump may be the conversation but not for long.Christie showed emotion, Paul looked bad, Carly however showed class and knowledge. We have to break the cycle of trusting the GOP to do the right thing. I remember the speaker of the house voted against congress trading on their inside knowledge right along with Pelosi.I would wager that again we may have to hold our noses when we cast our next vote. Unless of course Carly continues to rise.

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      1. You may very well be right Basharr. I am surprised by his numbers though! Well, if we can believe them anyway. Trump is still somehow in the race it seems… LOL


      2. Hi Lorra Trump is In the race but totally out of his element he is still whining about how he was treated We already have a thin-skinned egotistical jerk in the white house no need for another.=)

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      3. I was disappointed in his behavior as well… Sounded like a cry baby. Don’t need another crybaby that’s for sure my friend! I’m not sure who’s ego is bigger, Obama or trump…Hmmmmm


  2. I am tired of Trump, he is a little boy with a big wallet He got called on statements he actually made and cried about it. a few brief seconds his feet were held to the fire and days later he is still squealing like a stuck pig.


  3. I like Trump’s political in-correctness. I would like to see Cruz take off with the foot ball. I fear people will not give him a good look because he doesn’t look like someone they in-vision. I liked him when he stood up for the people! Fought Obama care. ..why? FOR THE PEOPLE! He was treated like an outsider and he continued to fight for the people ANYWAY!
    Leave Trump alone. Treat him like the other candidates. Don’t leave him out. Don’t forget to invite him to the same events the other candidates are attending. Why? He will end up possibly going independent then what? We will lose for sure. Let him stay where he is and stop trashing him. He will either begin talking about some good answers or he will crash and burn by himself.
    We won all the Republicans with a landslide last election and for what? Most have done nothing. What a disappointment. Arkansas (my state), has Tom Cotton and he had barely been heard of but I was sick of Mark whatever his name was. Tom Cotton has impressed me with his fight over the Iran deal. Wish I could say the same about all the others. WAKE UP PEOPLE and vote for someone who stands apart from the normal Washington DC groupies! We need to clean house and fast.
    We may have one more shot to turn this around, but WE JUST MIGHT NOT EVEN GET THAT CHANCE.
    I suppose only time will tell.


  4. Absolutely right. Cruz is spot on, but the establishment won’t back him. Congress is the same today as it was because the leadership of the GOP in DC hasn’t changed…still McConnell and Boehner. You gotta kill the head of the snake to kill the snake.
    As far as Trump, yes…talk SPECIFICS on policy issues and he can’t keep up. He understands real estate, he knows nothing about politics. Oh, he can do the Harry Beal rant all day long, but in the end analysis, Trump will go away when he embarrasses himself. He did the other night, but not enough to get him out of the race. It’s when he tumbles in the polls and realizes he’s spending all this money on something that’s not going to happen.
    When the American people turn away from this PT Barnum side show, and get back to what really needs to be fixed in this country, Donald Trump will be leading the charge to the sign that says “egress”.

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    1. Great post trump is out of his element and frankly he did not impress. The on air threat he could be mean to kelly showed his true nature. and it is less than this country needs.

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