Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11

Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11.

This is a must read.   You think you know and do you trust your government for the right information?

5 thoughts on “Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11”

  1. Some things are questionable but legitimate. The missing pages indicating a Saudi connection, I want to read for myself. It might also coincide with a Saudi picked up after the Boston Marathon Bombing and Michelle Obama ran to the Saudi’s bedside and sprung him from federal custody, then the connection to the White House Visitor Log. It might be nothing, and it might be something. I would like to read all of that information, also. Something flakey going on and it involves the administrations of two or three president at the very least. Connections with hijackers on 9/11. Who tipped off the other hijack crew that they were “No Show” on the day of the attack? Confidential Informants? LIUNA Local 78 crew was the last people out of the towers that morning doing asbestos abatement. Confirmed by myself and I visited 140 Fulton Steet, NYC (6th Floor, above the Micky D’s, entry on side of street. Spoke to young man who is a business agent, and has a photograph of his late father on wall – NYPD). That debuks demolition crews because the demolition was deconstruction for the abatement.

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      1. Both my son, and one of my son-in-laws, were there after the towers dropped, and they were on the news helping people evacuate. They were on a high rise when a loud blast and the tall steel shook. Foremen blasting hand whistles to get everyone off the steel. They all walked from the East Side, to WTC to help. My best friend was FDNY and off that day, he spent the next year, digging out everyone he knew in the world including one firefighter whose father was a fellow firefighter and he attended the baptism of the baby, now being dug out of the rubble. It caused him emotional issues and he was forced into retirement after all was over and done. I was at the first bombing on February 24, 1993, and that was a mass confusion and mess. I am a product of the streets, so maybe it was only natural or some divine reason why I would respond to such a scene in ’93, then later my son and son-in-law, in ’01. Hand of God? I don’t know.

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      2. Thank you, A.L.; Sad truth is, I love the City (NY), despite all the screwing up politicians on lower levels might do against it. That is one of the reasons why I continually offer (last week, most recent), to put my pension on the shelf and return to any job position that I feel may be helpful to the City. Maybe I need my head examined.

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