Obama Makes Threat Behind Closed Doors

Obama Makes Threat Behind Closed Doors.

Not sure Obama is treasonous………he is a foreigner who infiltrated the U.S.; became President due to the stupidity of many who bought his carnival snake oil and then set his terrorist destructive agenda in motion.  He was and remains our greatest enemy and threat.  Obama is in his final strategic act of destroying the U.S.

I have been corrected, and proven wrong…..Obama is treasonous, citizen or non-citizen.   So…..there!  Which ever way you want to look at, he is the ultimate prick.

6 thoughts on “Obama Makes Threat Behind Closed Doors”

  1. Espionage Act of 1918, clearly spells out Treason, and includes US citizens and non-citizens are held to account, with the penalty if convicted, to Hang by the neck until dead.
    Obama’s actions, are in fact, Treasonous.


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