When Hitler Youth summered near Long Island

When Hitler Youth summered near Long Island.

4 thoughts on “When Hitler Youth summered near Long Island”

  1. Only a snippet. The WW2 kriegsmarine brought a U-boat into Lindenhurst wharf. The crew disembarked, went to local butcher and bakery shops. FDR/Hoover, went nuts. In the 1990s, ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), removed records and sent them to US Archives declaring War Secrecy Act of 1945, not to be unsealed unitl 2045, then renewed by George W. Bush, for another 100 years. 19th century and early 20th century, Lindenhurst had some whaling ships, therefore a deep draft inlet. There was a split. To the west, Copiague Harbor (Today pronounced, Co-pay-g, originally a Native American word, Co-P-a-gue, meaning, “Land at Peace”), had tanneries. Just west of that Amity Harbor, had general commerce shipping. Copiague and Amity Harbor were of French descent and populations increased after WW1. In 1943, the barrier beach inlet was closed with landfill material and the Great South Bay made shallow, except for the (NY) State Channel of 12 feet draft, to prevent U-boats from nesting. The New York invasion was established around 1865 in Germany, then ratified by Hitler. New York and Maine were to be major bases. This is why, when the Bund went active, all the tiny airfields privately owned, were ordered closed by FDR, as he feared airborne assaults by the Bund. It is why two airfields, contained US Navy, Civil Air Patrol, US Army Air Corp, as sabotage efforts were feared at Republic Airport where P-47s were built. The Bund then made giant playgrounds in schools, generally 15 acres in size, because they were used as covert airfields. Camp Zigfried, was de-mapped. A movie, “House on 92nd Street” (Harold Lloyd?), was based on facts and true events. US Navy 10th Fleet, a non-existant fleet, only intelligence (Brooklyn Navy Yard, Flushing Avenue Gate), played very large into securing what could have been a real disaster. I started researching and digging in the 1990s, because I was writing a five volume series of maritime disasters and met with U-boat captains. They were fabulous people. My research, uncovered a murder/execution of one captain after they surrendered in 1945, and.., I got a “friendly” visit from ONI, saying I go no farther, as War Secrecy Act, covered everything and I was digging too deep and raising flags.


      1. You’re welcome. I also got a finger pointed in my face by ONI, who, incidentally, went to my captain at work, and I got called into the office and asked what was I doing that brought the feds into our command. I started out with one or two pieces of paper in my briefcase, then it expanded into a swollen piece of luggage. I had hidden most of the papers until the flood took it out the door (2012), and nobody ever returned anything, as my name and address were inside the luggage case, so it must have been discarded when the payloaders removed debris, and who knows where the tide took it (?), hopefully and fittingly, out to sea. When I used to go out on the boat, I would see all of the locations, and the arms caches made of concrete for the US Coastal Watchers. Interesting stuff.


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