Jade Helm Exercise Kicks Off and the Military Is Banning Media From Covering It

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via Jade Helm Exercise Kicks Off and the Military Is Banning Media From Covering It.

Pictures speak volumes, this is real.

8 thoughts on “Jade Helm Exercise Kicks Off and the Military Is Banning Media From Covering It”

  1. I don’t mind being observant of events however, there are too many that are in panic mode and my concern is that someone might possibly do something rash, where nothing is taking place except a major drill. Years ago, we used to drill every now and then on a smaller scale, but then too, scenarios were of “Right Wing Lunatics”, doing mayhem. One drill, they (police) actors, put on gas masks and had a lit smoke device to simulate a gas/biological attack. We considered the drills a pain in the rear end, but had to participate (with a measure of humor and comedy). I said that I was a “right wing nut”, and everyone laughed and joked. Drills are made so that in the event of something taking place, the responders will not go into any given situation, cold. Mind mapping portion of the class was excellent, and even became diabolical. Most likely the same with JH15. Be observant, and report. Unless something bad happens, I suggest that nobody take any action that might start something that should not result. How about getting the elected trash, to sound off about JH15?


    1. Great points…..I was looking at it from some of the Texan’s state of paranoia possibly. But you are 100% correct, don’t pull out your shot-gun and starting firing at everything in uniform that moves.

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      1. Yes, like the old story of the guy that has a flat tire. Sees a farm and thinks, maybe I can borrow the farmer’s jack to change the tire. As he is walking to the farmhouse, he starts thinking, what if the farmer does not loan him the jack. the story continues, and when he reaches the farmhouse he knocks on the door. The farmer answers, and the guy punches him in the nose and says, “Keep your lousy jack!”


      2. Yeah either way we are out gunned…lol I just posted a blog post that could destroy Hillary if I had blog name recognition.


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