The bin Laden death mythology

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via The bin Laden death mythology.

3 thoughts on “The bin Laden death mythology”

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    Seymour Hersh is a Jewish Jackass Journalist. He’s ain’t an authority by default in this premise. I thought he’s dead. He evaporated outta headlines for over 7 years since the last time Dick Cheney bribed him to bash him. Now Israeli Mediagenic spammers virally indexed Seymour Hersh boondoggle breaking. Osama bin Laden died of liver failure prior to 911 Fuckocrasy during Bill Clinton presidency in the American hospital in Dubai. The rest is Bollywood. It was an insurance scam in the beginning to loot AIG and save Dick Sliverstein. Republican got lucky to get 2 wars outta thin air.


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    I said it a thousand times, Bin Laden is alive, and living on a US Government pension. NO corpse. SEALS dead. Cover up. For better or worse, Obama, helped an enemy of America escape and thrive. TREASON. Hang the bastard(s), with a swine in the same noose.


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