Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty, Break Away from State of Maine

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via Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty, Break Away from State of Maine.

I guess they have had enough with state and fed government and unlike the rest of us did something about it.

Yoko Ono: “I had an affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s”

There you go……this explains a lot.

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Yoko Ono: “I Had an Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s”

Los Angeles | Yoko Ono shocked reporters yesterday when she responded to a question concerning the presidential run of Hillary Clinton and the possibility that she could become the first woman President of the United States in American history.

The artist and widow of John Lennon, who is in Los Angeles to present a collection of cups and saucers she is exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art, totally took reporters by surprise by admitting she had not only met the former First Lady at various times during a series of protests against the Vietnam War in New York in the 1970s but also knew her “intimately”.

The celebrity admitted laughingly to having “a fling” with her at the time and acknowledged her election “would be a great advancement for LGBT and Women rights in America” she added.

Yoko Ono when asked about her thoughts about Hillary’s run for the presidency completely took reporters…

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The individual who sent me the above link, would like this to go viral….I can’t do that alone, I’m not big enough.

Many cities across this great nation require permits for homeless to sleep in public. Even then they just don’t hand out the permits……there are few exceptions and only a small number of permits issued.  You may also be banned from sleeping in a tent or a vehicle.  These laws are not new, they have been on the books for years.   Violators in some cities have been arrested for sleeping on a park bench without a permit.   The irony, if arrested you spend the night or a few nights sleeping in jail.   Now you have a bed.

Homelessness has been a problem from the beginning of time.   Why is it with government the answer is a regulation, a law that bans but never solves the real problem.   You can fine the homeless, but they have no money.   Run them off from one location, they can only find another…..THEY HAVE NOWHERE TO GO!   Government doesn’t get it.     I understand they want them to go to homeless shelters, but those are full, they are limited to the number they can take in.   Which usually brings up another government regulation, the shelters can not go over the allowed occupancy limit.

Now, many cities do not want you feeding the homeless; you got it, unless you pay for a permit.   Organizations who aid the homeless, provide food, are now being charged for a permit to feed our fellow-man.

This is stupidity, and We the People are fools for allowing this crap to happen.   Why does it take a permit to feed someone who is hungry?   An organization in Los Angeles had to pay over $400.00 for a permit to feed homeless people.   Why?!?   $400.00 can feed a lot of people.   The organization was feeding people, folks as Obama would call them, wouldn’t he?  They were feeding them without the need of a permit.   So, they paid the permit, and were still feeding people.   So, what was the purpose of the permit?   The organization was providing a service without a permit, without government.  But no, in comes the government and says you can’t do that without a permit!  This is just an opportunity for government to continue to get bigger.  Intervene in every aspect of our lives.   Government making a profit off a service an organization is providing.  That is government’s answer to the problem, ban, make it illegal and regulate.

Government shouldn’t and can not be the answer to all problems our society faces, but we should not allow government to tax and charge us for our service.   That is tyranny!

We should not be referring to the homeless as a PROBLEM, it is a situation many of us under the right/or wrong circumstances could become.   I know some could do more for themselves, I won’t get into that here.   Jesus instructed us to feed the hungry.

Homelessness and hunger live together.   They are a part of our society.   Government wants to push them into a closet and pretend they don’t exist.   Government is part of the problem……. It is a complex SITUATION.   We can do better and charging organizations or individuals for trying to help is wrong, but then when was the last time government got anything right?  Leave the people alone who are working to find solutions and assist those less fortunate.   Big government stay the hell away!


The Eternal Sales Call


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The Eternal Sales Call

June 2

“That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”(Rom 10:9).

I received the phone call from the technology CEO. It was our second conversation. He began receiving my TGIF devotional a few weeks earlier, compliments of his mother-in-law. Each day he read the daily message and found that it really helped him.

He felt his technology product might have some application to my ministry. I asked about how he had started getting the devotional. As he told me his story, I could tell he probably did not know the Lord personally. So, I inquired further with a few more leading questions.

Gradually he changed the subject to his product. We discussed the product for twenty minutes or so. He was about to conclude our conversation when…

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Senators flash anger at Paul — and vice versa He “needs to learn the rules of the Senate,” McCain snipes.

McCain doesn’t show this type of response when Obama is out of line with the rules or protocol.

Random Candidate

When Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who was presiding over the chamber, said later that time for debate had expired, Paul was incensed. He said he had not gotten to speak and argued the time had been miscounted, even calling for a roll call vote to challenge Grassley’s rulings. Paul ultimately was allowed to speak for a few minutes, but not before McCain objected again to Paul speaking, and the typically tranquil Grassley raised his voice.

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