Hillary Clinton will testify once – not twice – at House Benghazi committee

She is setting the rules and she will only answer what she wants to answer.


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Slick Willie Clinton on the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign donations………(bribes).

“There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy,” he said in an interview that aired Monday on NBC’s “Today” show. “That just hasn’t happened.”

Remember this quote?    “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

So, we are to take Bill Clinton’s word for it on the Clinton Foundation’s foreign money acceptance while Hillary was Secretary of State?   These two don’t have a good track record for telling the truth.   They, especially Hillary have too much to lose by being honest now.  He is lying, that is what the Clinton’s do best.



Seriously people, lets throw partisan politics and the party candidates out on their tails for just a moment or for good.   Aren’t you tired of it?   Look where we have gotten.   Democrats point the finger and blame Republicans.  Republicans point the finger and blame Democrats.  Its’s constant and has and always will be that way.  They scream and holler publicly, but then kiss each others ass behind closed doors and accomplish very little.

With Hillary……..we all know what she is, what she stands for, herself!  She stands on the Clinton name, her corruption and scandals, have escaped her how?  Because those in position to do anything are corrupt.  This isn’t just about Hillary………..our system, our entire system is full of corruption.  Who is to blame?  We are, we don’t hold them accountable.  That is on us.

I am fed up, with the same names, the same families believing they are all entitled to continue to conquer us.   We don’t need a freaking family dynasty ruling this nation.   Hillary is not a Queen, she is not royalty.  I will not bow down to anyone, especially Hillary Clinton.  I will not bow to Obama.  Jeb, forget it.     Jeb Bush has had his time in Florida, he wasn’t that impressive, he isn’t royalty.    The Bush-era has come  and gone.   What did they do that was so great?  Okay, George W. liked the military, they liked him……..that isn’t enough. George W. served his eight years, thank you sir.   Jeb isn’t the one!!!

We have always had term limitation.   There doesn’t need to be a law to guarantee it.   Term limitation is in place; it is called the American voter.   Why do we keep re-electing inefficient people, corrupt office holders?   Part of that answer is, those are the people who keep running for office, those with name recognition.    We are all recruiters of our future.   Find qualified, smart people; maybe it is you!   We can turn this country around.

It starts with you and me!



Power, speed and beauty = SECRETARIAT

Some may argue, but to me the most amazing racehorse  was Secretariat.  There weren’t enough words to describe this beautiful thoroughbred.   There has never been another like him, and I can not imagine there ever will.

I lived in a college athletic dormitory in 1973, the lobby/TV room was packed, everyone standing to watch Secretariat sprint around the Churchill Downs track as if he were the only horse in the field.   We had about 300 students residing in the dorm, it seemed as if all were in that one cramped room watching.   We had heard of this powerful animal, but this was the first race we’d see him run.  Run, that really isn’t the right word.  A locomotive with the speed of a jet it seemed.

I remember the cheering, not for any other horse, but for this horse to continue stretching his lead……….there was never any doubt.   The further into the race the further the lead would extend.  It was his track and so it was with the Preakness and Belmont races.

College athletes cramped into that room for all the Triple Crown races that year; all for that one beast of an Athlete, Secretariat.   There was no talk of any other horse.   It was exciting just watching Secretariat coming on to the track and enter the pre-race parade showing his colors.

The Kentucky Derby is the most exciting 2 minutes in sports.   You’ve heard that before.   I became a Derby/Triple Crown fan because of Secretariat.   What an amazing animal he was!

It’s a tough race to win, the field is crowded.   The fastest horse can get pinched in and not find an opening, then there may be too much ground to make-up.   The fastest is not always the quickest out of the gate.   My pick for this years Derby is Firing Line rode by Gary Stevens and trained by Simon Callaghan.   Firing Line has morning odds at 12-1.   The pre-race favorite is American Pharoah at 5-2.

That is my call, my bet:  Firing Line.   Once I see the horses parade just before Post Time, I may see another………and say “oops”!   It should be fun, it is an American Classic!


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I have seen this over and over, no not the exact same photo, but many photos of the looters and rioters in Baltimore stealing toilet paper.   Why toilet paper, it seems to be the most noticeable item jacked?   Is this symbolic?  Are they eventually going to TP the mayor of Baltimore’s house?   That is where they need to take it.   The mayor seems to be full of more s_ _ t as anyone.

I don’t recall toilet paper being that popular an item for the rioters in Ferguson.  No, Ferguson was more into booze, shoes, cigs and cigars.

Maybe, just maybe the toilet paper is symbolic.   People are tired of the s_ _ t, and the rioter (protester) is pointing out, it is time to clean up, wipe out all the s_ _ t, the powers that be.  The politicians, not just in Baltimore, but through out this nation are the targets of this demonstration.    Take a look at this photo, the man is showing the package high for everyone to see.   It was stolen to use as a prop to get a message across.  I doubt that those powers are smart enough to figure that out.  This is a protest, a demonstration of a frustrated society.   It isn’t just about Freddie Gray…….he was just a boiling point.

I believe Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton and all those in Congress could use a few rolls delivered to them as well.