The Tequila Bar & Grill is in Hendersonville, North Carolina.   I have been there but just once.   If I ever pass through there again, it’s where I’ll be for lunch or dinner.  Excellent!

The restaurant has a great atmosphere, friendly servers, and the food, OMG the food. I had a Chicken Chimichanga…..it was almost too pretty to eat.   I managed!  The Margarita’s are terrific, mine on the rocks with salt.   A girl made a fresh dip of guacamole for us (for just a small tip),  a full bowl that would feed 6 people, it was the best ever!    Couldn’t finish it, but had it boxed, of course!

I highly recommend the Tequila Bar & Grill in Hendersonville, NC.


4 thoughts on “TEQUILA BAR & GRILL”

  1. We have a new bbq joint here in town Skinnys Bibs and Ribs have not been yet but word has it the brisket is awesome. When I drive buy there is a constant line out the door.


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