Hillary Clinton isn’t saying much about anything just yet.   She is specifically staying away from the topic of “trade agreements”.   However, while Hillary was Secretary of State she referred to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, still being negotiated, as the “gold standard of free trade agreements”.

It must be a bit uncomfortable for Hillary to discuss a trade agreement with other nations and corporations, some from those same nations as a candidate for President of the United States.   It might have been more comfortable while she was Secretary of State, while accepting donations from some of those same corporations.

Hillary, whether she wants to answer to it or not, has an interest in the TPP on 3 levels:  1) As Secretary of State, 2) The Clinton Foundation and their acceptance of donations, 3) As a candidate for the presidency of the United States.  As Secretary of State, Hillary was all for the TPP, now as a candidate she isn’t committing yet.   Is she afraid it will further expose the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of donations, and the influence it has on Hillary and her influence on the Trade Agreement?

Who has the most to gain from the TPP agreement; could it be the Clinton’s?   Has the TPP and the countries involved crossed the same path as the Clinton Foundation?   Yes they have!    Corporations who support the TPP have donated at least $21 million to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.   Coincidence?  Not likely.      Oh and by the way, Bill gets major bucks for his speeches from these same corporations.   The Clinton’s owe these nations and corporations a lot.  The Clinton’s have made huge profits, they’ve sold us out.

See the information below from The Washington Beacon


April 9, 2015 5:12 pm


“Companies who have signed on to the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP have donated a minimum of $21 million to the Clinton Foundation. The actual number is likely much higher than that because donations are disclosed in wide ranges. Major Clinton Foundation donors supporting the TPP include:

  • Coca Cola ($5,000,000—$10,000,000)
  • Wal-Mart ($2,000,000—$10,000,000)
  • Citigroup ($1,500,000—$6,000,000)
  • Dow Chemical ($1,025,000—$5,050,000)
  • Boeing ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • Exxon Mobile ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • Microsoft ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • Procter & Gamble ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • Pfizer ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • Toyota ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
  • General Electric ($500,000—$1,000,000)
  • Monsanto ($500,000—$1,000,000)
  • Nike ($500,000—$1,000,000)
  • Visa ($500,000—$1,000,000)
  • Morgan Stanley ($360,000—$775,000)
  • Goldman Sachs ($250,000—$500,000)

A number of foreign governments involved in the TPP negotiations have also donated money to the foundation:

  • Australia ($5,000,000—$10,000,000)
  • Brunei ($1,000,000—$5,000,000)
    • Canada ($250,000—$500,000 ”                                                                        UNQUOTE


  1. I’m thinking Hillary is beginning to realize the “That’s old news” and the “It’s just a distraction from the issues” lines aren’t going to cut it this time around. Somehow, I think she realizes she needs to address this. Funny thing is, normally the Clinton playbook is out in front of it early so you control the story. She’s playing rope-a-dope with this and it’s going to bite her!


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