Ponder this thought if you will:  Obama, our government has no interest in going after ISIS.    If he/they did, we would be.   So why not?  Because you don’t destroy what you create, when what you created is doing its job it was created for.   Obama is raising his step child of which Bush gave life.

Obama was perfect for raising this Baby, ISIS, ISIL or whatever he calls it today.  His Islamic roots made him the logical father of this terrorist nation.  Obama hides behind the walls of the White House, a president in disguise, his real purpose is to destroy the United States.   He has done a masterful job. 

Obama has left the door (the border) open so his children can find free passage to come and destroy those he has deceived.    Obama may not be Satan, but he is Satan’s tool.   What is even more frightening is while Obama does his work, we are distracted so Satan can do his. 

You hear nothing from Congress.   Congress is not sleeping they are following.  




  1. Amen to that! He has played his hand well as there are now ISIS in every one of our states. He gives Baltimore 1.8 BILLION dollars but where is his dedication to our troops and veterans? You know, the ones who fought or are fighting to keep Americans alive for the love of GOD! I don’t discount that Baltimore needs the help, not one bit. I do, however, take case that by keeping our heroes well cared for and boosting moral for them would go a long way in helping to protect us. But, hmmmmmm, me thinks he knows exactly what he is doing. IMHO.


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