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It is a shame that Hillary is using the Baltimore tragedy to pander for votes.  This is just one more signal that this woman has no shame.  Her Democratic Party has turned Baltimore into a jungle and she just doesn’t let up.  Even when the city is down on the ground groping for air she has no mercy – she continues to beat the drums of hate and division.

Peter King: Hillary ‘Off Mark,’ Gave ‘False Narratives’ in Race Speech

Thursday, 30 Apr 2015 01:48 PM

By Drew MacKenzie

Republican Rep. Pete King has slammed Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s criticism of race relations as she condemned a criminal justice system that she claims targets black communities.

The New York congressman says the former secretary of state’s remarks “were entirely off the mark” and she “ignored basic truths and perpetuated false narratives based on political correctness and liberal ideology.”


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      1. Yes! I’m glad you said something because I forgot…sometimes when I try to RB just my comment will go through but not your content… Weird! 😳😃


      2. Thank you, I have contact with support to see what is going on. My views have dipped quite a bit as well; but I haven’t been writing as much lately either. Kind of brain dead for words right now.

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