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With Hillary Clinton avoiding prosecution on a number of occasions, it really means someone has not done their job.

3 thoughts on “PROSECUTE HER”

  1. Amen to that! Yet, so far no one (that I have heard at least) has stepped up to the Democratic Plate to take her on… That in and of itself is a mystery to me. Folks could have a field day at this point. I have heard of a couple folks sticking their collective toes in the water but no one committing. So, should she recover legally and politically, (AND this country is still sleeping and elects a Dem), we are beyond screwed!


  2. And it really means she’s a little too busy fighting all of these scandals to be running for president. Arlin, if this woman actually makes it to the White House, our country is over. Period. The science is settled. We will have proven to the world we are too dumb to elect good quality leaders.

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