Our nation is falling apart due to lack of/missing leadership.   Barack Obama was a great campaigner, but has no leadership skills.  There aren’t any leaders on the horizon, from either political party.  The nation is in a survival crisis.   Don’t look for a savior from Congress, they are worthless, overpaid dominoes, they fall together, all look and smell alike, rotten.

All of the candidates, all those so-called Republicans and their challenger, the corrupt, I am entitled Hillary Clinton are political puppets, every damn one of them.

Being in a leadership position does not make you a leader.  Without leadership you get what we had in Ferguson and have in Baltimore.  We have protesters exercising their right of free speech and to demonstrate, unfortunately they are out numbered by the criminal looters and rioters.

We are or are becoming Iraq West.   What we see happening in Baltimore has become all too familiar, it is becoming the norm.  This is what we have handed our children and grandchildren.  Do you see any leadership capable of turning this nation around?   Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, John McCain, a full House and Senate of morons. the POTUS, and lets not forget Hillary; how many chances do they get?    All of these people have been elected or appointed to positions of leadership; where has that gotten us, but exactly where we are today.    No more Bush and Clinton candidates, enough is enough.

The rebellion we see in Baltimore isn’t the type of rebellion we need.   The only statement you make when you smash windows and loot and burn down businesses is that you are an idiot.

I really believe we have leadership out there, but it must be fresh……The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, McCain, Obama, Hillary is not only corrupt but stale.    We need fresh minds, not mindless greedy leaches.  

March on Washington, enter the halls of Congress, raise our voices, serve them notice we are removing them all.   The power still lies within We the People, but we must wakeup and rise.


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