Campaign 2016: A different side to Hillary Clinton

The cold and calculating become warm and loving in appearance… part of their calculation.

Eliza Graves-Browne

Campaign 2016: A different side to Hillary Clinton

After Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will be running in the US Presidential Election next year, the drastic transformation of her image from cold and calculating to feminine and soft has raised many questions regarding her policy stances, sincerity and motives. Clinton is no stranger to media spotlight, coming under scrutiny while acting as First Lady to Bill Clinton, and while being in the political arena herself. During her 2008 campaign against Obama, Clinton was frequently labeled as ‘calculative’ and ‘tough’. She remained apparently removed from her femininity in what was assumed to be a strategy towards succession, particularly in regards to National Security and Defence, which are typically considered masculine areas.

A study of the campaign described Clinton as ‘not feminine enough in pantsuits that covered her cankles’. Her perceived masculinity received an unprecedented amount of negative coverage, notably on her clothing…

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