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Many, myself included, believe Hillary is so out of touch with the American people, she can not possibly relate with us; unless you are of the few with deep pockets.   Deep pockets to Hillary doesn’t mean you are well off, good job, nice home or even taking home a CEO type salary.  Deep pockets are the Warren Buffets, the middle east Shah’s and Kings, oil barons.    Those are the people Hillary relates with, you and I are just serfs.  

Hillary said she wants to be Americas champion, a champion of the average, common folks.     What she really wants is power over the peasants.  Hillary has no idea of the struggles and challenges the average American faces in everyday life.  

Her campaign 2016 listening tour is underway.   The road show is an act, she isn’t listening to Average Americans.   The stage is always set with pre-arranged staff members and campaign volunteers.   Hillary isn’t ready to meet real Americans, she’d get more than her ears filled.  She can not relate to the middle class.  To Hillary everyone is below her, the lower class; there is no middle.

If Hillary really wanted to get a feel for common folks out here in mid-America, where better to go than Ferguson, Missouri.   Hillary…….there you will see it all, hear it all, whites and blacks, Hispanics.   You can stroll down the street for a tour of the sites, see the new, the old and burned out.  There will be plenty of good old boys and girls to speak with; they aren’t working so they have time to chat.  This is real America, the America you know nothing about.  Just don’t park the Dooby Van in our Handicap Zones.   Better yet, you may want to leave the Van back home.


Hillary don’t miss this opportunity, its your once in a lifetime chance to get to know America.


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