Michelle Manhart, an Air Force Veteran was arrested saving the flag from desecration at a university protest.  After she retrieved the flag, the protesters begged for it back.   Manhart was not going to give the flag up, not even to the cops for them to continue walking on it. 

Manhart was taken to the ground, cuffed and the flag wrestled away from the Vet.   Manhart was taken away, and the university has banned her from the campus.

I know all the political correctness, that the protesters have a right to express themselves under freedom of speech and that includes disrespecting our flag.  Michelle Manhart was expressing herself, and her statement came out stronger and she was not afraid to stand alone. 

I’ll take Michelle Manhart on my side anytime.    


15 thoughts on “DON’T WALK ON MY FLAG”

  1. Reblogged this on Vernon Pope and commented:
    There are legal ways to use the US flag in a protest on US soil. This isn’t one of them. Every one of those protestors should be deported, and if they are citizens they should have their citizenship revoked.


  2. Yes, it is their right to protest and even do what they were doing; but, it breaks my heart for people in this country to have to watch what “they call their freedom of speech and expression.” I am sure it is hard for a person who served in the military to see this and do not blame her at all. People who mistreat the flag should have to go to the war front and experience war in real time – they would feel differently. Then there are some people who have not been raised to respect themselves so how could they know what respecting the flag means.


  3. I don’t like flag desecration, either, but remember: our rights are only as strong as our ability to tolerate someone else exercising them in ways we don’t like.

    It doesn’t help Ms. Manhart’s case that she’s something of a hypocrite, having desecrated the flag herself in the past:

    I apologize for the tone of the article I’m linking, but it’s the one I found that actually had pictures of her using the flag as “drapery” (violating flag code) that drapes to the floor (violating the flag code), all to cover her nude body for a photo shoot.

    Oh, and it probably doesn’t help her conservative standing that she did another tacky flag photo shoot in support of PETA.


      1. I’m not saying the police are in the wrong, rather that she has a lot of guts for taking on the flag burners. I can see turning it upside down to demonstrate, but walking on it and burning it, that is out of the question.


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