Hillary Clinton takes campaign to Iowa coffee shop

Seven common folks, or seven of Hilary’s Iowa campaign volunteers? Empty tables all around. She wants a limited (small) number of people at all her gatherings; another words a controlled group, chosen weeks ahead most likely. What Hillary really thinks of us common folk; “avoid them”.

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton takes campaign to Iowa coffee shop”

  1. People are generally giving her high marks for her “home-spun Hillary” look and feel so far…but she hasn’t engaged in anything that has anyone disagreeing with her. Of course, the comment on CEO salaries is a veiled attempt to appease Liz Warren…especially when Hillary is charging those CEO’s $300k/speech! Don’t worry…the real Hillary… the screaming, lamp throwing Hillary is just under the surface, waiting to get out!


    1. I know, living in Arkansas what do you think she thought of all the Arkansas hill-billies? I guess she didn’t care for the hillbilly twang, that speech isn’t elegant enough? I can ask that I am from Missouri, we have em’ in the Ozarks and there is that MO-Ark border. She has no, New York or New England accent either……she hasn’t picked up on any of it. I guess Hillary just doesn’t fit in with us common folk.


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