Jesus’ teachings isn’t the basis for Christianity, it is His crucifixion and resurrection.

Great Easter message from Andy Stanley can be seen at the following link.


Happy Easter!


  1. On Friday night I watched Killing Jesus which was very good and quite emotional. I spent Easter Sunday watching The Bible, again it was very good and reminded me of many things I had learned while growing up and attending church services every Sunday.


      1. The Bible A.D. will be out soon thinking NBC will be airing it. The Bible was an all day viewing.I think 6 hours. But the wife and I did Easter alone with our dogs. I have been quite busy lately and only the past couple of days have I found some uninterrupted time…LOL


  2. There is no mystery – there is only faith. If you believe in the resurrection, no facts to the contrary matter. If you prefer facts, no preaching will matter.

    Looking at the story from an entirely ethical point of view, Jesus was a complete failure. He allowed others to nominate him for a job he didn’t want, then died to perpetuate a myth he’d spent 3 years teaching against. Even the teaching that is rampant in Christianity today – that his death paid the price for our sin – is an ethics impossibility.


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