Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets. Sure enough, we don’t see this report all over the mainstream news…

So let me get this straight, Obama will defend Iran by attacking one of our greatest allies. Everything this Jackass does is anti-American. Rudy you were right on!


Israel news is reporting that Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran. This happened last year in 2014.

Ben Netanyahu was forced to abort the planned Iran attack ’cause of Obama’s threat. Read the full story here:


I know those delusional libtards are gonna side with Obama on this and defend him no matter the situation but Netanyahu HAS EVERY RIGHT to attack their nuclear facilities. Israel has every right to defend themselves and this is what they were doing. That’s why Netanyahu was gonna send those jets over to attack them. Israel was defending themselves and they have every right to.

This should be further proof that Obama hates Netanyahu and Israel. It proves even more that Obama hates Netanyahu since Obama won’t meet with him since Netanyahu is…

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Obama now wants our retirement $. And Obama’s attitude towards America and 9/11/01

We keep talking and bitching about this maniac. This ASSHOLE must be stopped and stopped now. He moves from one aspect of our lives and takes it, unchallenged, then moves on to another. Now our retirement accounts. Are you effing kidding me. He is raping us!