Donald Trump has raised the question about Senator Cruz’s birthplace and his eligibility to be president of these United States, a country as you know that follows the constitution article to article and word for word. Well our present POTUS does not anyhow.   It doesn’t make it right, but it must be in the future.  We really don’t want another Obama.

Below is an excerpt of an article from The Atlantic by David Graham on the matter.


But what won’t prevent Cruz from becoming president is his place of birth. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada, while his parents were living there. His father is now an American citizen, but was not at the time; his mother, however, was born in the United States.

Helpfully, the Congressional Research Service gathered all of the information relevant to Cruz’s case a few years ago, at the height (nadir?) of Obama birtherism. In short, the Constitution says that the president must be a natural-born citizen. “The weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion appears to support the notion that ‘natural born Citizen’ means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship ‘at birth’ or ‘by birth,’ including any child born ‘in’ the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parents who has met U.S. residency requirements,” the CRS’s Jack Maskell wrote. So in short: Cruz is a citizen; Cruz is not naturalized; therefore Cruz is a natural-born citizen, and in any case his mother is a citizen.


Will that satisfy the question?  Probably not, the Democrats will make an issue of every issue and non-issue.  They will, if they haven’t already toss around that it was a major concern of Republicans, Obama’s birth certificate.   That’s okay, Cruz unlike Obama has not hidden or falsified documents regarding where he was born.

We certainly have the right to question, know the truth, and follow the law.   The only question now may be the interpretation of the constitution.  Will the Democrats place a typical political twist on it and challenge the constitution’s intent?   Someone will!

By the way:  I like Canadians.


JB Williams — The End of the American Presidency….. ~ “…A man with known foreign origins, and the son of a Father, Rafael Cruz Sr. who was at no time in his life a legal citizen of the United States until 35 years after Ted’s birth in Canada, when he renounced his Canadian citizenship and naturalized to the United States in 2005. The problems were quite obvious… unlike Obama, who had taken great care to forge a false documented past …”

Here we go again in deed, I have read conflicting info on the citizenship of Cruz’s parents. This certainly matters.

Is America in Trouble?

The answer is yes we are in trouble. Every statement below is true. What can be done should have already been done. Better late than never. The key phrase is “Those sworn to defend your Constitution are not removing me.” That is what can be done. Our military took an oath to protect and defend from our enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. Obama is our great domestic enemy. He is the single most destructive enemy we face today, more so than any foreign.

Hillary should be thrown in prison but you know nothing will happen to her…

My feelings exactly! Perfectly said.


Oh yes, covering up evidence of a serious crime is illegal. You know it. I know it. Hillary is a criminal and this bitch thinks she’s above the law for sure. She should be in jail by now but you know that’s never gonna happen to her. She has too much liberal political power and that’s how she’s getting away with this stuff. Liberals are so naive and delusional… living in their own fantasy worlds and they’ll always support her and defend her no matter what she does. They’ll always treat her like she’s Mother Teresa no matter what all the bad things you want to point out about Hillary.

Conservatives like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry gets indicted so quickly but liberal political figures gets a free pass. Liberals can do all the criminal things they want and nothing will happen to them.

The liberal community will…

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