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You can be truthful and sincere without being hateful.   If you  have a point to make, make it.   Sometimes the truth does hurt.  What we need to hear can be hard to listen to.    Difficult messages don’t have to be insulting.   Using words to intentionally hurt another is hate.

Stand up, speak-out for what is right.



  1. We have to go beyond truth. The word “truth” has too often been abused for various reasons by various parties.

    My personal rule is simple. First think critically and ask why. Second think analytically and ask how. Third and last try to understand the context and share what you know.

    Political correctness goes beyond not calling a spade a spade. Sometimes political correct speakers simply omit or lie about what is really happening.

    I personally do not want the truth. I want context, information sources and access to those information sources. In the end the facts speak for themselves.

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