Which is the greater crime, Bergdahl’s desertion charges or Obama releasing 5 terrorist leaders back to the Middle East?   If Berghdahl is found guilty, and my opinion is he will be, whatever the punishment, Obama should be punished 10 times as much.

Treason charges should be brought up against Obama, we know he is guilty!


    1. I don’t really have an answer for that. None of us are going to always agree on everything. How dull, and quite frankly unproductive would that be? We would not learn from one another. But to disrespect a difference of opinion with labeling someone a racists or bigot etc. without really knowing them, its uncalled for. I don’t care for Obama, I don’t like him period, for what I believe he has done. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I don’t want Hillary as president because I know of her corruption and past, not because she is a woman. I want a president that is a leader, not a divider, I don’t care what color or gender or religion for that matter. I want a leader that cares for the American people, our military, to do the right thing, follow the constitution. Someone with ethics. I will speak-out against anyone I believe does not hold those values for our nation.


  1. At a function recently, politics were being discussed – one person stated as a fact – why he hasn’t done anything wrong. Almost dropped my glass of wine. Excused my self because I knew I was on the wrong side of nothing..



    1. No matter what you say, your point is purely racist. Treason! What the fuck! Did Bush Get Osama Bin Laden! Did Obama start a fucking bullshit WMD War! You’re fucking Racist! Did Obama bring the economy to the brink of fucking 1929! Did Obama squander a Trillion Dollar Surplus! How many black ever showed up at any fucking white President’s Rally carrying loaded gun (even though it’s legal)! How many Blacks called illegal Court Appointed Bush to President a Honky MF. How many signs have you ever seen at any white presidents events reading Honky? You racist fucks! How blind and evil you are! You don’t know shit about history other than your retarded racism. Of course you wouldn’t feel the same towards a black republican until he did something helpful for blacks; then you’d go berserk!

      Treason! What the fuck! Then what do you prescribe for Bush and Cheney and asshole McCain!!


      1. Sorry that you cannot have a exchange of opinions without resorting to name calling! Just washed your mouth out with lye soap. Can you now repeat with a cleaner opinion. And thank you in advance for your opinion.


      2. Thank you for your opinion. If you will read my blogs – kommonsentsjane – you will witness – my complaint with Obama and his party is the manner in which he treats the black people. What has he done for them since he has been office – nothing but use them as tools to destroy the country. All of the illegals that he has brought in to take the jobs away from Americans which is all part of his plan. I vote for the person not the party. Both parties are corrupt. The Republican Party has the Elites and the Democrats have the Communists/Muslims. Neither have followed the Constitution. It’s the country not the party that we have to get back..


      3. You don’t know me, you don’t know what dues I have paid and what I haven’t paid. I had a son in the military, a brother, a father and grandparents. No I didn’t make the turn to the recruiters office. I served my community in other ways and have always supported all branches of the military. I didn’t slam any one of them like you have. You need to look in the mirror. I will kindly ask you to stay off my blog, your insults to people that don’t agree with you are no longer welcomed here.


  2. It is clear—crystal clear—that your NRA GOP Bent lacks Objectivity, as is the Norm for the Right Wing. In reading this piece of asshole Bergdahl, it does seem to me that the conversation on guilt and crime should start with Bush and the WMD War—as well as your overlooking the blatant fact that that MF Bergdahl walked off duty! Yet, you do not damn him or suggest a firing squad or life in Leavenworth. Am I correct, you served in the military; and if I am, you are Republican Slime: hating the Black man in office yet blind to all the faults brought on the Nation by that Alfred E. Newman Jackass not fit to be in charge of manure clean up in the barnyard. Goodbye and Good Nite!


    1. Hey we agree Berghadl is an asshole, but I did’t overlook the fact that the MF walked off duty. I said I believed he would be found guilty. No I didn’t elaborate on the punishment, I’d like to see the families of the 6 men that lost their lives looking for this POS participate in the firing squad. No, I did not have the honor of serving in the military, but you can call me what you want….., and I do not have any love for the Asshole in office, his skin color has nothing to do with it. Not that it matters, or I feel like I owe you any explanation……there is plenty of fault to be spread around; both sides of the corrupt isles.


      1. appreciate your comments, however…

        I simply cannot grasp your GOP’s rigid reluctance to accord Obama thanks for those things I mentioned earlier. Most importantly the aborting of a 1929 all over—courtesy of Idiot Bush!

        Whatever! But that you have a degree in this political BS, you’ve got to know how screwed up the GOP has been. My contempt for the Party goes back to D-Day–a debacle times ten! Every new congress I write demanding that those 3,000 receive the MOH! And if not all 3,000 then at the very least the 300 that never reached the fucking beach because they sank with their LCMs before some jackass realized it wouldn’t work.

        Stating my 15-years of service (stationed with all the branches) and the fact that I am black man, I intone a demand that every one of those white boys be awarded the Congressional, ordered into a suicide mission. It’s really a crime it hasn’t happened. As I remember my history, I think I’m on sound ground when I say that there were no blacks in that landing; a policy carried over from Wilson’s Administration. Or at least he was blatant about it whereas those before were a little more discreet.

        And, Arlin, I didn’t think that skin mattered to you: Certainly not if you can relate to Our Gang. What I was implying is the fact that Bush is a fucking idiot! Yet none of you look behind the curtain to see the truth. McCain is a triple asshole! Everyday at Walter Reed yet he never saw the ceiling falling. Voted Twice against MLK Holiday in Racist Arizona—but not so white the black Football and Basketball teams are winning. And you apparently do not blame that jackass for 4,000 deaths and yet you and all the rest are beside yourself over 4 accidental deaths. Are you aware that more maimed came home from this shit under Bush than all the maimed of the Civil War. And your man dick head McCain Voted Twice against funding for body armor.

        Anyway, it’s late and I’m spewing and writing crooked sentences. This business is like religion, neither one of us will change our minds. I graduated from a Jesuit college—but ain’t got one religious bone in my body. Mainly because I had the good sense to study Geology on my way to a Masters in History. Hence my bile towards the GOP—the fucking NRA (20 Sandyhook babies brutally murdered and the NRA digs in their heels), and, then there’s that racist fucking Ted Nugent. Until some foreign MFs attempt invading us, guns and the 2nd Amendment should be mothballed. —Invasion: I think we have quite enough with rattlesnake-ass terrorists living amongst us. And why aren’t you pissing about Bush skirting Ben Laden’s family out of the country during the height of 9/11!

        If this sounds as if race matters to me, remind me to tell you how I saved two white shipmates lives in Nam; or how I fought on the side of two white sailors when nine black Marines (from the football team) were beating up on them simply because they wandered in the wrong section of town. Of course the same was happening to blacks in the white section.

        I’m rambling like an idiot…Sleepy. Fair Winds and Following Seas


  3. Obama lives in one of the Biggest Glass Houses of all time…Careful when casting those stones, Obama, for one day they just may ricochet and shatter your world….


  4. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, as long as this clown is in office you have to impeach him before you can bring him up on treason, and somehow I don’t think John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have the guts to do that!

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      1. That’s the difference between a politician and a statesman. A statesman is willing to take a strong stand and stick to it when it isn’t easy or popular, but it is right.

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