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What this nation is facing today, a lawless president who ignores the Constitution and appears guilty of treason and crimes the least of which are misdemeanors; “shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of”  not may be or could be but SHALL BE.

The amazing leaders above, knew this time would come, not could or might but would.   They set up a system for us to use for the protection of We the People.  It is not a system for a congress or House Speaker to contemplate, it is one demanded by The People to implement and maintain as a tool of the Law of the Land.   For Congress to do otherwise, makes them guilty of those same laws; treason being the greatest of them all.

To include misdemeanors in this document, was ingenious; knowing if we could not get convictions on high crimes; it took only a misdemeanor to remove an officer from office, removing any doubt.

Our founders gave us the ability to CLEAN HOUSE.




  1. You care, I care and so do a number of others but take Hillary for example her supporters do not care if crimes were committed, they are willing to sweep the deaths of American patriots under the rug without a second thought. Look at the support Obama still has even in his blatant lawlessness. I am disgusted so many Americans accept the lies and violations of our freedoms and our Constitution.


  2. And yet, while we have an out and out law-breaker in office, we have a gutless congress that also chooses not to follow the constitution by holding the law-breaking perp accountable for his actions. Which is the worse crime?

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    1. I kind of mentioned Congress ignoring the use of the constitution to deal with Obama’s crimes made them equally guilty, the greatest being treason. To answer your question Congress creates the worse crime because they are responsbile for standing over those laws. Knowing Obama breaks laws and defies the constitution and doing nothing…doubles up the crime, compounds it. If Congress acts, they can rid the problem, the one in the White House anyway; but they don’t.

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