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Jefferson gave us all the warning signs, the safe guards and a Constitution which if defended kept us free.   We have however, allowed a tyrant to stomp on us and burn the pages of this great document that can only be protected by men.    We the American people are failing, but the test is not over yet.   Wake up!


6 thoughts on “THOMAS JEFFERSON VS. Barack Obama”

    1. Totally evil. He is more willing to meet with Iran, won’t even give Israel a call. What an embarrassment to our nation. The people of Israel have to be puzzled and stunned that we put up with this.


  1. There is a really good FREE online course about the Founders, the Constitution and how it all applies to today, available from Hillsdale College. It’s on Youtube…all you need to do is go there and search Hillsdale College and you’ll see it (I think it’s called Constitution 101). There are like, 10 lectures on it…VERY interesting. And again, Arlin, you are spot on!


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